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The Ancient Maya
The Ancient Maya
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Sylvanus Griswold Morley
Associate of the Carnegie Institution of Washington
Published by: Stanford University Press, Stanford University, California, U.S.A. and Oxford University Press, London, Geoffrey Cumberlege, United Kingdom
Edition: Third Printing, July 1947 (stated) (© 1946, 1947)
Hardback without dust jacket.  Green cloth cover. 520 pages and xxxii preliminary pages.  Index.  12 tables, 95 plates, 57 figures, black-and-white photographs, foldouts.
Table of Contents: List of Tables
List of Plates, with Acknowledgments of Sources of Photographs
List of Figures
I.  The Country
II.  The People
III.  The Origin of the Maya Civilization
IV.  The Old Empire
V.  The New Empire
VI.  The Spanish Conquest of Yucatan
VII.  The Spanish Conquest of Peten
VIII.  Agriculture
IX.  Government and Social Organization
X.  Life of theCommon People
XI.  Religion and Deities
XII.  Hieroglyphic Writing, Arithmetic, and Astronomy
XIII.  Cities and Architecture
XIV.  Sculpture and Modeling
XV.  Ceramics
XVI.  Miscellaneous Arts and Crafts
XVII.  Appraisal of the Maya Civilization
I.  Correlation of Maya and Christian Chronologies
II.  Personal Names among the Ancient Maya
Classified Bibliography
Condition: Good.  Binding is intact.  Cover is neat and clean; gilt text is legible on spine and front cover.  Some light fade, small creases, and small bumps on cover edges; cover corners bent.  Inside hinges are intact.  Prior owner's ink name and phone number on inside front cover.  Pages are neat and clean, except for:  some light to moderate toning; some foxing; occasional small tear; few dog-ear creases; 5" tear on one foldout; moderate to heavy toning and foxing on page edges. Book acquired used, maybe have been exposed to cigarette smoke.
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