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Book Appraisal -- Consult Request Form
Please check here  if you prefer to send pictures by e-mail rather than fill out this form. 
You may skip any part of this form that has an asterisk (*) before it, if you send a picture of that part of the book.  All text in pictures must be legible.

Please provide the following information, copying it exactly from the book's title page and copyright page:

* Title of Book (as shown on title page): 
* If there is a difference in the titles shown on the title page and the book's spine or front cover, please complete: 
Title on spine is:
Title on front cover is:
* Author Name(s) (as shown on title page): 
* Editor's Name(s) (if present on title page): 
* Copyright Year(s): 
* Publisher's Name: 
* Publisher's City, State, Country: 
* Is a Year Shown on Title Page?  No  Yes, the Year Is: 
* Publishing History:  Please provide all information shown on the copyright page about any prior printing or publication, including publisher name(s) shown.  (If in doubt about what to provide, please copy everything shown on the copyright page or send us a picture of the copyright page by e-mail.) 

* Signed by Author?:  Yes  No 
* Inscription Handwritten Written by Author?:  No  Yes, the words the author wrote are:

* Signed by Author on a Bookplate?  Yes  No 
Book Cover:  Hardback  Paperback
Book Size:  Width Across Front Cover  Height  Size Given is:  in inches  in centimeters
Number of Pages: 
Is Book Illustrated?    No Yes.  If Yes, please provide:

Illustrator Name(s): 
Number of Illustrations:  
Are Illustrations on separate pages? Yes No
Are Illustrations on text pages?
Yes No
Are Illustrations:   In color? Black-and-white? Both color and black-and-white
* Special, Limited, or Anniversary Edition?  No  Yes, Type of Edition Is: 
Cover Description:  If the book is a hardback, please complete:

Color of Book Cover: 
Cloth Cover?  Yes  No
All Leather?  Yes  No
Leather Look?  Yes  No
Leather Spine/Cloth Boards?  Yes  No 
Not Sure If Leather?  Yes  No
Is there a dot or small mark or indentation on the rear cover of the book near the spine?
Yes  No
Is there any evidence or statement in the book (check title page and copyright page) that the book is a book-club edition?  Yes  No
Dust Jacket Present:  No Yes.  If Yes, please complete:

Is there a price shown on the Dust Jacket?  Yes  No
Is the area where the price is usually shown on the Dust Jacket clipped or cut off?
Yes  No
Is there any statement on the Dust Jacket which indicates the book is a book-club edition?
Yes  No
* Defects and Damage: 

Is binding intact? Yes  No
Is binding loose? Yes  No
(A hinge is the paper pasted down on the inside cover, that attaches the book to its cover.)
Are inside hinges intact?  Front: Yes  No.  Rear:  Yes  No
Are inside hinges broken (book is detached from inside cover)?  Front: Yes  No.  Rear: Yes  No
Are inside hinges cracked or torn?  Front: Yes  No.  Rear: Yes  No
Are any pages loose or not bound? NoYes.   If yes, how many?
Are any pages missings?   NoYes.  If yes, how many?   If yes, which pages?  
Are pages clean? NoYes.  
Any tears on pages?   NoYes.  If yes, how many? 
If yes, what size are tears?

Is there any evidence that the book once belonged to a library? NoYes.  
Please provide further details of all defects or damage to the book and the dust jacket, including any library markings (if ex-library book):

Services Requested:  (Please check all services that you require.  Fee is $10.00 per book, whether one or all services are requested.)
Estimate of Value
Identification of Edition
Help with sale on eBay Auctions
Method of Payment (Please select one): 
PayPal  We prefer PayPal payments.  You can pay with Visa,  MasterCard, Discover, American Express, electronic check, or with funds in your PayPal account.  After you submit this Consult Request, there is a PayPal button that you can use to make payment, on the next page. 
Check Check or money order must be drawn on a USA bank and payable in USA dollars.  We will send you payment instructions by e-mail.
Money Order
Western Union Please make arrangements by e-mail with us, so that you have correct information to wire payment, and provide us with password to pick up payment.
Other Please provide details, if you wish to use another payment option, or if you need help about how to make payment:

Please use this box to ask any questions or provide any other information:

Your Name:

Your personal information will not be used except to contact you about this book appraisal. 

E-mail Address:

Please be sure that your e-mail address is entered correctly or we will not be able to respond.
Mailing Address:  (optional)
City:  (optional, but required if you live in Texas)
State:  (optional, but required if you live in Texas)

Zip code:  (optional)
Country:  (optional)

Many Thanks! Your Business Is Greatly Appreciated!


Appraisal -- Consulting Service:
We provide our opinions and advice about:
· The Value of Books
· The Identity of Editions of Books
· Help with auction listings on eBay or sale listings on other sites

Consulting Fees
The consulting fee is $10.00 per book (or set of books).  For a large number of books, please inquire.  

How to Request Our Services:
You may request our services by whatever method is more convenient for you:
1. Complete the Consult Request Form above, or send us a request by e-mail. Please provide us with as much information as you have, following the guidelines of the form above; or
2. Send us pictures of the book, dust jacket, title page, copyright page, and whatever you think we will need, as per the guidelines of the Consult Request Form above.
3.  Send us your payment.

How To Make Payment:
We prefer payment by PayPal, where you can pay by using  a credit card, electronic check, or money on deposit in your PayPal account.  PayPal accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover Card.  To pay via PayPal, click the button below once for each book, or change the quantity on the View Cart page. 

You can e-mail us to request our mailing address to send a check or money order.  Checks and money orders must be payable on a USA bank and payable in USA dollars.  We also accept wire transfers through Western Union and MoneyGram.
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