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Before requesting a book search:
Try looking for the book by using the links on our Affiliated Sites page.
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We will make every effort to find the book you want, in the condition you want, and in the price range that you are willing to pay.
We do not charge an advance fee to search for a book for you, so you are under no obligation at the point that you request a book search.  If we do not have the book in stock, we will either attempt to locate the book on one of our Affiliate sites, and send you the location where the book can be purchased.  Or we will attempt to locate the book from another book seller and broker the book to you. When we have found the book you requested, we will make an offer to you, which will include our fee and shipping costs.  You may at that time decide to accept or decline our offer.

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First Edition required
Later Printing okay
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Ex-Library Book okay
Any Edition okay
Format Wanted:
Hardback required 
Dust Jacket required
Paperback required
Hardback or Paperback okay
Any Format okay
Condition Wanted for Book: Condition Wanted for Dust Jacket:
Any Condition okay Any Condition okay
As New:  Perfect in every way, no defects As New:  Perfect in every way, no defects
Fine: Nearly As New, but not as crisp Fine: Nearly As New, but not as crisp
Near Fine:  Nearly Fine, but may have minor defects Near Fine:  Nearly Fine, but may have minor defects
Very Good:  Used Book, may have small signs of
wear, no tears
Very Good:  Used, may have small signs of wear, no tears
Good:  Average Used and Worn Book, that has all 
pages present, but may have tears
Good:  Average Used and Worn, may have tears
Fair:  Very Worn Book, has complete text pages, may
lack other pages
Fair:  Very Worn, may have small missing pieces, but overall intact
Poor/Reading Copy:  Very Worn Book, has complete
text pages, may have binding damage
Poor:  Severely Worn
Binding Copy:  Binding is damaged or non-existent, 
but all pages are perfect

Please help us to meet your needs better by providing us with an estimate of what you are willing to pay for this book.  Your estimate will not affect the price of the book, but it will help us to eliminate those books that are priced beyond your limits.
Please make me an offer, regardless of price.
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