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JOYFUL DAYS:  Featuring many how-to books on Internet business and advertising, Joyful Days sells eBooks compiled to install on your computer and downloadable eBooks compressed by Winzip.  Joyful Days is owned by Glen Pense, a very sociable fellow who enjoys his retirement and lives in the Republic of Panama and Miami, Florida.  To learn more about Glen, see his ME Page on eBay:, post a chat on his Message Board:, and visit his website:

Celeste's Holiday Graphic Collection CELESTE'S PLACE:  Home of Celeste’s Holiday Graphic Collection  -- serving up original holiday graphics since 1995.  Many thanks to Celeste's Place, for permission to use her Christmas graphics on this site.

WESTBURY BOOKS:  Located in the United Kingdom, Westbury Books stocks high-quality second-hand fiction and non-fiction, hardback and paperback books, thrillers, horror, the unexplained, fantasy, reference and many other titles.

I ANTIQUES GUIDE:  The Internet Antiques Guide has over 3,000 links to dealers in fine antiques and collectibles and 100s of auctions, fairs, flea markets and more.

ALPHA PUBLISHING ONLINE (formerly Huntington House Publishers)A publisher with the primary goal to serve as a positive force in our culture by publishing, marketing, and distributing books that focus on the critical issues of today.  Alpha's books confront the real life issues that affect us all:  widespread challenges to successful parenting, increasing government intrusion into our private lives, education reforms that undermine our personal values, the lack of positive role models for both young people and adults, and much more.  Alpha continues to publish books that promote the ideals that most American cherish:  strong families, freedom of religion, and community standards that foster personal integrity and moral excellence.  Alpha is committed to continue to influence society in a positive way by producing books that contain biblical solutions and up-to-date information for its customers.

BOOK MOUNTAIN:  Book Mountain offers a great selection of mysteries and general used books.  In addition, look for large-print items such as Calendars and soon to be offered Address Books and Greeting Cards. Visit Book Mountain at:

CJC DESIGNS:   Candace J. Weddle offers a web-page-design service with graphics, and she has a directory of graphic sets, both themed and colored creations, unique free graphics for personal web pages, free graphics, free buttons, backgrounds, bullets, dividers and other unique creations, and more.   Her book: Candy's Story:  A Tale of Survival, Based on a True Story, with an Exposé Thrown In, is also at this location:

DREXEL GRAPEVINE ANTIQUES: Antiques and Collectibles.  Visit here and see over 500 antique and collectible items, including pottery, china, glassware, antique fishing tackle and much more:

Drexel Grapevine Antiques also has a very helpful list of links for eBay users at this location:
eBay Help Page:
EBAY FRAUD:  WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: An eBay seller's report on what happened to him when bidders used "bid shielding" to defraud him.

EBAY~TAMING THE BEAST! -- MEMBERS ONLY METHODS FOR EXTREME SUCCESS ON EBAY.  Membership in this program will help with buying, selling, organizing, and record keeping for your auctions... and your Total Success!  You can also build a solid monthly income by just using and recommending this informative and educational program to other auction users.

GONE WITH THE WIND:  A SITE DEDICATED TO COLLECTING THE BOOK:  Everything you could want to know about the book, including the chronology of the book, points of issue, warnings about scams, GWTW books for sale, replacement dust jackets, and a discussion forum.

HELP FOR AOL USERS -- UPLOADING PICTURES: Helpful instructions to upload picture files for eBay auctions, using AOL.

ISLA offers language translations from Italian, English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Polish, and Croatian into English, Italian, German, and French.  ISLA also offers language classes by e-mail in Italian, German and English, given in tailor-made courses designed to meet your needs.  Consultation is also available for proofreading and editing of texts in foreign languages, assistance in the preparation of presentations or university exams (on-line or by telephone), transcription from audio/video support, and translation from audio/video support.  There are also fun pages with Word Games and Exercises for Literature and Children on the site.  The site is viewable in either English or Italian, at the links below.


OTHER LANGUAGES is building a reference resource for over five thousand linguistic minorities and stateless languages worldwide.  Mark Griffith, site administrator, is a British business journalist and translator from Hungarian to English, who works in eastern Europe.  Mark can help you find books in Eastern-European languages such as Serb-Croat, Hungarian, and Russian.  Visit his interesting site at:

PALETTE AND PRINT:  A Selection of Original Art And Prints by Gerene Reid, plus Vintage Books and Collectibles.

PICS-PLUS.COM IMAGE HOSTING:  Reliable Image Hosting Service.  Your images will be located on a web server with the fastest and most reliable internet connection available today.

PICS TELCOM CORPORATION: Bringing technology full circle.  Specializing in the management and disposition of surplus and idle assets for the leading telecommunications carriers in the industry since 1992.  Pics Telcom Corporation is the premier resource for companies engaged in profit-driven asset management.  Pics Telcom Corporation designs and manages custom Investment Recovery Programs that are the standard of the industry.
THE READING WELL:  Used, Rare, and Out-of-Print Books.  Selling thousands of children's books in the following categories:  Pre-School and Kindergarten, Easy Readers, Fiction, Sports Fiction, Christian Books, Non-Fiction, Animal Stories, Arts and Crafts, Caldecott and Newbery Awards, and Bargain Basement.  Take 10% off the price of the books in your first order by mentioning you found The Reading Well on Book Dealer's site.

SHEA'S SNOW GLOBES:  Snow globes for sale, plus all kinds of other information about snow globes, including:  graphics, other links, Shea's collection of globes, and snow globe repair.

STEP N 2 HEALTH:  Dolores L. Ancona is certified in herbology, reflexology, iridology, and lymphology.  Appointments for therapy and consultation available in Lafayette, Louisiana.  Find out how you can buy Nature's Sunshine ProductsTM natural food supplements and products at wholesale prices.

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