How to Identify, Describe and Market Books on the Internet
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Tessa Hebert
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Updated & Revised Second Edition
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About This Book:
This book is designed to be used by a new book seller.  Basic information about books and book-selling is given, along with advice and information about doing business and selling books on the Internet.  All the parts of a book are identified and defined, and directions are given for how to properly describe a book in an auction or sale listing.  A new chapter has been added in this revised and updated edition, on how to clean, make minor repairs, and care for books.  Book-seller terminology is explained, and there is an index of book terms and Internet and computer terms at the end of the book.

By using this book, you can quickly and easily learn the important details you will need to know to succeed in selling books on the Internet.

This book presents the vital information you need to know to:

1.  Determine the edition of the book.
2.  Correctly describe a book.
3.  Create an auction or sale listing for a book.
4.  Appraise the value and determine the right sales price for a book.
5.  Clean, repair, and care for books.
6.  Conduct business with sound business policies on the Internet.
All of this information will make it easy to sell books on the internet, whether on an auction site, on a book-selling site, or on your own web site.
Chapter Titles and Summaries: Chapter Subtitles:
+ Introduction:
 About the Author and This Book
 Chapter Summaries
Chapter 1: Selling Books Is Fun and Profitable!

The author explains how she became a book seller and shares about the fun of selling books while making a profit in the business.  Information about her experiences as a book seller and her advice for new book sellers is given, along with tips for further reading and resources.
My Business
Learning About Books
The Fun Part
The Reasons I Wrote This Book
How I Became a Book Seller
My Experience
Advice for New Book Sellers
Recommended Reading
Chapter 2:  The Parts of a Book
The vocabulary of a professional book seller is explained and defined for the parts of a book.  Recommendations for use of book-seller terminology to make sale listings more accurate and easier to understand are given.
Book-Seller Terminology
Definitions of a Book’s Parts
Online Locations for Definitions of Book-Selling Terminology
Chapter 3:  How to Identify & Describe First Editions, Other Printings, and Other Editions
This chapter provides the definitions and important details to help in identification and description of the edition and printing history of a book.  It also includes help and advice about identifying first editions, later editions, reprint editions, and book-club editions. Not All Books Are Created Equal
The Definition of First Edition
Other Terms Used to Identify Editions
How to Identify First Editions, Later Printings, and Other Editions
How to Identify Book-Club Editions
An Example of How Important It Is to Identify a Book’s Edition
Chapter 4:  How to Describe a Book’s Condition
The importance of complete and accurate descriptions is stressed, and advice is given for how to create a book description.  The category names for book descriptions are given, along with instructions on how to use those categories,  The terms to use to describe defects and damages are defined, and the advice is provided about the terminology to be avoided. Complete and Accurate Descriptions
Categories for Book Condition
Use of Condition Categories to Describe Books
Defining Your Terminology
Terms to Describe Defects and Damages
Terminology to Avoid Using
Chapter 5:  How to Appraise a Book’s Value
 Information and advice about determining a book’s value are given.  Locations of Internet sites where current prices can be found and information about reference books are provided. Determining a Book’s Selling Price
Things to Consider When Pricing a Book
Determining if a Book Is In-Print or Out-Of-Print
Price Guides, Bibliographies, and Other Resources
Suggestions for Pricing a Book
+ Chapter 6:  How to Describe a Book
Definitions and lists of essential and optional items to include in a book’s description are explained.  A reference chart is included, that shows the essential items, items to include if present, optional items, and items to include if space permits.  Advice is given about describing the special features of a book to make it more attractive to potential buyers. Items to Include in a Book’s Description
Essential Items and Items to Include if Present:  Definitions and Placements in a Description
Items That Increases a Book’s Value:  Definitions and Placements in a Description
Optional Items:  Definitions and Placements in a Description
Miscellaneous Instructions
Advice for Describing a Book
Examples of a Book Description
Chapter 7:  Selling Books on the Internet
This chapter provides information about accessing the Internet, the Internet marketplaces where you can do business, and how to do business on the Internet.  Internet terms are defined and many Internet locations for resources and further information are provided. Getting Started
Accessing the Internet
The Internet Marketplace
Using HTML
Pictures in Sale Listings
Internet Terminology and Definitions
Chapter 8:  Cleaning, Repairing, and Caring for Books
The author shares some of her tips and advice about cleaning, repairing, and caring for books, along with lists of supplies and equipment needed and with instructions on how to use them. General Advice
Things to Avoid
Cleaning and Repairing
Where to Obtain Supplies and Equipment
Caring for Books
Further Help with Cleaning, Repairing and Caring for Books
Chapter 9:  Business Advice
The importance of policies to insure success in business is  discussed and recommendations are made on policies to adopt in your own business.  The author shares her method of wrapping a book for shipping.  Helpful information is also given about how to conduct business with customers internationally, along with calculating postage and shipping costs for domestic and international delivery.  The practical side of doing business and the legal issues involved in operating a business are discussed.  Advice and information are given for obtaining the necessary information to comply with local, state, and federal laws regarding business and trade.  The Practical Side of Business
Some of My Best Advice
Information and Suggestions for Establishing Policies
How to Wrap a Book
The Law
Information About the Laws Concerning Trade

Index of Book Terms and Internet and Computer Terms
Tables and Diagrams
Diagram:  The Parts of a Book's Cover
Items to Include in a Description
Diagram:  The Parts of a Dust Jacket
A Few Format-Size Terms
Diagram:  Front Inside Hinge
Book Sites Searched by Book-Search Engines
Editions and Printings
International Standard Book Number
The Quoting Process
Quote Form Requirements
Conversion of Roman Numerals
Condition Category List
Supplies for Cleaning and Repairing
Internet Search Engines
Equipment for Cleaning and Repairing
Instructions for Cleaning and Repairing
+ The Introduction, Chapter 6, and a Table of Contents an be viewed for free.
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Chapter 6:  How to Describe a Book

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How to Identify, Describe and Market Books on the Internet
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